Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pub Crawling on the SS Quads...

Judge Christian's rage-filled and hilarious monologues not-withstanding, the Scav Party turned out aight. In the final estimation, though an underwhelming ScavParty, as a regular party, it was pretty okay. Not the Scav Party of our youth, but no one did anything exceedingly stupid on camera, and it passed relatively smoothly. What's good and what is lamentable about this should at once be obvious to the astute reader. Moreso than anything, it was a large group of hardcore scavvies getting together for a bash. Certainly it was a little less epic, but on the other hand partying with Scavvies is better than partying with frat row, and the the former group almost never decides to brawl. On the other hand... who doesn't love a little element of danger?

In many respects, the actual lack of booze was not the thing that contributed to the slightly dour mood, so much as the mere thought of administration control of any aspect of Scavhunt. We're supposed to be the renegades! Not playing to the man! Of course, this was better than no party, and I had fun, but still meh....

Yes, ORCSA is very very very very stupid. Yes, their restrictions were idiotic. Yes we fought them tooth and nail. But so much was made-up last minute that... you know what? You've heard this all before.

The booze situation may have overshadowed the fact that there were some really nice party set-ups. The Prancing Pony kept Middle Earth jumping, the BJDJ was excellent Gonk 3.0 made us give hopes for the rebellion, I got some letters of transit, saw wizards duel and Can-Canners Cann-Canning, drank my first (virgin) Flaming Moe, ate a hotdog with John Belushi, and well... am a frayed knot. Girls jumped out of cakes, we swayed to Piano Man, we beat each other with foam light sabers and unicorn-hair-filled sticks, Sam played it again, and Han always, ALWAYS shot first. Better than some former scavparties, I hear judges with more history tell.

Would this have been been if this had been less restricted? Obviously. Was it still a good time? Yes, Yes, a thousand times. What does the future of the Scav Party hold? Only time will tell.