Wednesday, May 9, 2007

12 hours

So now, the time when we should all be doing last-minute pre-homework, is of course the time when we are least able to do it. What else can we think about? Seriously.

This is especially true for those of us who anticipate this being our last Hunt. Now, the boundaries are often notoriously poor on this matter, but even if I do come back next year, it won't be the same. I'm sure it's the same on the teams. This year, it's something AWESOME that I helped build, with my own two hands and a red pen. Next year, who knows? It'll be someone else's baby. And while someone else's baby is always less stressful, I believe it's always your own that's the cutest.

Also, for the record, this list -especially this roadtrip- will rock you. You may well never be the same. Are you ready?

No. No, you're not ready.


Brian said...

As a former captain and current fourth-year, I too am already nostalgic for this year's hunt.

But the thing about Scav is, it never ends. It's not just four days in May, it's a philosophy, a religion, a hobby, a job, a child, a parent, a teacher. I do not think this is my las Hunt simply because the Hunt will keep going for the rest of my life, as long as I keep rejoicing in utter impracticality of life.

So, rejoice I say! Rejoice!

Nemo said...

Oh, I rejoiced with your mother last night.

Sorry, habit. And as much as Scav is a philosophy, it's also a Hunt that takes place during four days in May. And this is the last one I'm going to call my own. It's not the end of Scav, or the end of my experience with Scav, but this boundary, even if it's arbitrary and artificial, still exists, setting apart my five years of Scav Hunt, and particularly my three years of Judging, from all the glorious Scavening to follow.

But, seriously, best hunt ever. Ever.

PS. Oh that's right I called your mom a habit. A dirty, dirty habit.