Thursday, May 10, 2007

And so it begins...

After what seems to be one of the most successful list releases ever the Judges have retired to their Casa de Amor and are enjoying the pure pubescence of Pilot Junior. The list release involved the following: A recorded message addressing the Scav Captains which told them to open some envelopes that had pictures inside them that led them to the basement of Ida Noyes. They were led into the deep dark locker room where certain Judges were lurking inside lockers with envelopes. These envelopese were marked "Do not open until Xmas ... and by Xmas we mean HQ". The captains were led to believe that inside the envelopes was the list. They were wrong. Inside the list was a packet of papers with the list title page. The rest of the pages were blank. Or at least until they shined a black light on them and noticed that there were secret messages written in invisible ink, such as "Sorry Mario, your list is on another page". The third page of each packet instructed the captains to go to the Law School Fountain. We proceeded to throw the real lists into the fountain where the teams had to wade through knee deep water to secure their lists. As intricate this sounds, and as worried we were that it wouldn't work out, all the teams had their lists by ten after one (within an hour and ten minutes after everything began in Ida).

I must say that we all were incredibly impressed with the way List Release began. It has truly been a credit to the ingenuity of the teams and indeed an incredibly goood omen for what will surely be the most epic Hunt ever. It has begun, but indeed it has only just.

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