Thursday, May 10, 2007

What are the scavvies doing right now?

So just a few points about Junior Pilot. I was pretty much right about everything: the gun-toting scary guy was the Air Marshall, the.... actually, I can't recall any other predictions. Huh.

So, all in all, the first night of the Fourdays is a success. All but one team got their list within three quarters of an hour, and I got to tell a team that the reason their list was blank was because they'd opened it before getting back to headquarters. Awesome.

And now, the sleepy judges drift off to sleep. Except me. I'm burning eight copies of a very special road-trip Scavenmix. The teams will love it.

So what are the teams doing now? They are right now, even now, as the Hot Side Hot slumbers, losing points, never to be regained.

San Dimas High School Football rules!!!

1 comment:

Connor said...

3:48 AM and everyone is asleep?! That *must* have been a powerful list release.